CEO of the future

Ever wondered how to get an audience with some of Europe’s most powerful CEO’s? The CEO of the Future competition may be the answer. Imagine with me, just for a second; you fall through a wormhole and get a glimpse of 2030. Flying cars aside, what snippets of information about the business world and the…


Summer 2012: Where shall I go?

Following a hectic spring travelling around Europe, I thought to myself, ´where would I like to travel?´ This year, being that I live in Madrid, I opted to go home to London and then come back to Spain to travel around in the country where I have chosen to live over six years ago.  So…


IE Alumni Italy Club: some news

The annual IE Italy Club National meeting was held in Milan recently. It introduced a new organization structure and provided a renewed impulse to the alumni association. The meeting discussed the following topics: * Presentation of the new organization of the Club (we just had elections) * Objectives of the Club and next events The…


Global Executive MBA – first hand experience

An interview with the current Global Executive MBA student from Russia Olga Grischenko, where she shares her story from the point of looking for a suitable program up to the unexpected level of challenge that she faced at IE’s Global Executive MBA program. The interview is in Russian and can be read here:,Rus/

Speed dating with an IE alumna

  If you’re thinking of doing an MBA, for sure you have many questions and meeting someone who has successfully passed through this adventure would definitely be helpful. If you are in Moscow on August 21st, come and meet our full time MBA alumna Anna Zhirnova. She is joining the event of a new format organized by MBA Strategy that promises to…


Opportunities for Green Entrepreneurs

One of the world’s best known entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, did an interview with der Spiegel magazine several weeks ago. He had some interesting points on how to move forward regarding climate change. It got me thinking. Richard Branson is a household name; he epitomizes entrepreneurship and is an innovative leader. He believes that climate change…


Busy holidays: planning fall events

Are you on holidays? So are we! Have a look at the amazing sunset I captured yesterday in Sardinia! But being on holidays does not mean we are not already planning events for fall! In Italy we’ll have a Master Class in Milan on November 5th, on the most common mistakes entrpreneurs make, and an…