Social Innovation and Design Thinking comes to Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich

IE Business School, a think tank in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity, is pleased to invite you to a Social Innovation Workshop which will tour Amsterdam (27th November), Brussels (28th) and also Zurich (29th) this month. During this workshop we will explore social innovation and entrepreneurial challenges through the development of creative and…


A battle in the Spanish Soccer League: two brands (Real Madrid and Barcelona) against the rest

DATE Nov 12th,  19:00 – 21:00 VENUE Hotel Epoque, 17C Intrarea Aurora St, Bucharest About the event The Spanish Soccer League (La Liga) has been able to draw the world’s most talented players and is arguably the most competitive national league globally. Because of the evolution of the sport and the general soccer competitiveness, constantly changing…


My first fair

What a dazzling and exciting experience! Fresh and ready, I said goodbye to Barajas airport to head to my hometown, Bucharest, where I was going to attend my first fair, QS World MBA Tour. It was early October and I was keen on arriving, so I could get started. Luckily enough, everything went well, I…


Germany Master and More Fair

Interested in doing a Masters degree but not sure which one is right for you? I may have the answer. The Bachelors and Masters systems were begun in Europe after a huge overhaul of the education structure. It is now easier than ever before for students to change university and complete a Master’s degree. Whilst…


Department announcement

Dear Readers, Fall has arrived in Europe and brought along with it the winds of change. IE’s International Development Department — Europe and CIS — is proud to announce it has a new director: Camila Uribe. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Camila has been part of IE for almost seven years. During this period, as an…


How Busuu.Com Went From MBA Class Project To 25 Million Users!

Last week in London Bernhard Nieser, IE alum from 2007 presented to us about Busuu…the story of how his online language learning platform has gone from an IE project to 25 million users…BusinessBecause attended the event so see what they have to say about it here