IE: Creating opportunities and growth in times of Crisis

In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge”, Albert Einstein

IE (Business School), an international renowned think-tank focused in innovation & entrepreneurship and one of the top business schools worldwide, has launched a cycle of conferences and workshops in various locations throughout Europe and CIS to discuss the solutions and opportunities that lie behind a region deep in crisis. These are the upcoming events:

  • 30th September Tbilisi, Georgia “Achieving Success through Networking and Social Capital” with Professor Steven D´Souza
  • 21st October Milan, Italy “Building Successful brands” with Professor Martin Boehm
  • 2nd November Brussels, Belgium “The Giant Within: How to Build Organizational Growth” with Professor Pablo Martin de Holan
  • 3rd November Paris, France “The Giant Within: How to Build Organizational Growth” with Professor Pablo Martin de Holan
  • 8th November Zurich, Switzerland “Creating Competitive Advantage Beyond the Market” with Professor David Bach
  • 11th November Munich, Germany “What is your customer worth” with Professor Martin Boehm
  • 15th November Moscow, Russia “Inside luxury” with Professor Maria Eugenia Girón
  • 22nd November Bucharest, Romania “The Giant Within: How to Build Organizational Growth” with Professor Pablo Martin de Holan
  • 24th November Istanbul, Turkey “The Spanish Soccer League: Are Real Madrid and FC Barcelona getting better while the rest get worse? with Professor Eduardo Fernandez-Cantelli
  • 28th November Baku, Azerbaijan “World Economic Outlook: A two-speed recovery from the Great Recession” with Professor Gonzalo Garland

Rather than focus on the crisis itself and its causes, IE wants to unveil the opportunities that can be pursued by companies, professionals and entrepreneurs. With the support of the business community, experts from different areas and the civil society, IE experts will explore growth and opportunities for professionals and companies covering a myriad of topics and areas: from exciting possibilities in emerging markets to the new skills that professionals must develop in order to move up the corporate ladder, as well as sectorial opportunities in fast-growth industries.


Upcoming Master Classes in Vienna and Munich: Building Successful Brands

Vienna Date: Wednesday 15th June Time: 19:00 – 21:00 Venue: Hilton Vienna Plaza (Salon Loos & Hanak) Schottenring 11 Vienna, Austria A 1010  Munich Date: Thursday 16th June Time: 19:00 – 21:00 Venue: Hotel Kempinski Vier Jahrzeiten Maximilianstrasse 17, D-80539 München In a highly competitive and saturated market environment, building strong brands has become an…


IE workshop in Germany helped students develop personal skills, ideas to serve the “Base of the Pyramid”

This month IE took part in Aiesec’s National Conference in Germany, which aimed to bridge the gap between Youth and Business by discussing and collaborating around important global trends that move society and economy: Climate change, Responsible Corporate behaviors, Labor mobility and Diversity. Approximately 350 students from all over Germany, who already gained leadership experience…