UK Master Class: A Change Perspective: Leadership – The Game on the Field

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Date: Wednesday 21st September, 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Elsley Court 20-22 Gt Titchfield St. London W1W8BE

Join us for a focused change management session based on IE Professor John Clendenin’s experiences with Xerox Corporation (Business), The United States Marine Corps (Military), and as an international athlete (Sports). The session presents the myriad personal challenges of “Intrapreneural” leadership in managing global internal business customers, keeping up with technology across one’s career and finding ways to successfully compete in the changing world of the 21st Century. The session concludes with steps for personal, family, financial, professional and spiritual success.


Burkas and Bikinis: Playboy in Indonesia

Interview with Prof. David Bach from businessbecause on Vimeo. The opportunity to participate in the development of a new case with Prof David Bach about the infamous Playboy brand ensured a fantastic turnout at the recently opened IE London office last month.  Around 40 alumni from many different years, intakes and masters participated in the…


AIESEC sales & marketing workshop @ UCL 22.1.2011

On Saturday 25th January Professor Martin Boehm, Associate Dean for Master in Management, joined Accenture to participate in AIESEC´s Sales & Marketing Conference hosted by University College London. After the  morning presentations, the 60 attendees were split into groups and tasked with developing a marketing strategy to launch nappies in China…Interesting topic!  And very much like…


Quick London visit

Nora and I headed to London for the QS fairs last Saturday where we met some engaging candidates…and our great alumni, Alex Jader, came along to give the true version of life at IE. We also had various meetings, the fruits of which you´ll see next year with some really cool and interesting events we´re…