Fall fairs

Just a taste of the fairs I attended this fall: great candidates, interesting conversations, meetings with alumni and last, but not least, lovely cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Bucharest.

Looking forward to the next ones!

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Join us in Bucharest for an exciting workwhop on Design Thinking for Social Innovation, by prof. Max Oliva: Date: November 4th Time: 19:00 Venue: Epoque Hotel, 17C Intrarea Aurora Street, București 010213     How might we provide drinkable water to low income rural communities? How might we provide premature baby incubation solutions for the…


Good luck to all of our new students!

Summer is finally here. We never thought it would happen but happily the soaring temperatures, mass exodus from the city to the beach and sudden appearance of bare legs and sunglasses says otherwise. Munich is never more beautiful than with all of the beer gardens full and the city’s inhabitants beaming the sun’s good mood…


Here in the IE German office we are always looking for ways to reach out to new people and spread the IE message. We wanted to talk about all of the fantastic options IE has to offer with some new faces so we thought we’d invite anyone interested about IE to breakfast. It wouldn’t be…