IE Humanities Center, in collaboration with IE Foundation, has announced the winners of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities 2017. IE students and alumni from 44 countries took part in the competition, submitting work in the categories of short story in Spanish and in English, poem in Spanish and in English, video, and photography.
The prizes are in recognition of the humanist vision of IE students and graduates, their capacity for critical thought,and their ability to have another voice and see things in different ways. As a center specialized in research and teaching in the field of humanities, IE Humanities Center runs the competition to strengthen the vision of the world from a humanist perspective, which forms an integral part of IE’s identity.
IE’s International Development for Europe and Central Asia team would like to congratulate the European winners of this year’s edition of the prizes, who will be presented (among the rest of the winners) in the coming month of September.

Eugenia Goffre Muro, a Czech student from the Bachelor in Communication, with “Don’t Forget Me”: 1st prize in the Video Category

– Ilse Wijnen, a Dutch student from the Master in Corporate Communication, with “Imprisoned”: 2nd prize in the Poem in English Category.

Alexander Vavilov, a Russian student from the Master in Finance, with “Voyeur”: 3rd prize in the Short Story in English Category.

Teddy Godillon, a French student from the International MBA, with “Ojo por ojo”: special mention in the Photography Category.


To see the full list of worldwide winners, click here.