Balvinder Powar, IE Professor of Leadership, has once again demonstrated his unique ability to enchant the audience during his master classes and turn serious, somewhat sceptical business people into curious and cheery students. This time, on his tour around the CIS+ region.

During his master class, he speaks about attitude for success, leadership and motivation, about design thinking and what we can all do in order to be happy both in our private and professional lives.

Balvinder also touches on the topics of innovation and how we can inspire each other to take responsibility, dream BIG and make our dreams come true. His sessions are informative, fun and interactive with a final team challenge.

It’s not Balvinder’s first time in the CIS+ region, and our audience in Moscow knows him already very well (and always signs up to his events well in advance!)

This time, however, he travelled even further and spoke at the open master class in Tbilisi (Georgia), as well as facilitated a teambuilding session for our alumni during an Annual Get Together held this time also in Tbilisi.

After the beautiful Georgia, he flew to a not-less beautiful Ukraine, where he spoke at the Wisdom HR Summit to leading HR and recruiting professionals of the country (June 11); at IHUB, a center to facilitate IT entrepreneurship in Ukraine, (June 10) and later same day he conducted a master class at the Ukrainian Society of Investment Professionals.

Besides Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, Balvinder also travelled to Uzhgorod, in the West of the country, and spoke there about innovation and motivation at Thinkmobiles company, which was founded by IE GXMBA student Oleksandr Sokhanych.

Entrepreneurs, bankers, HR pros … Balvinder is able to communicate efficiently with various audiences and create active, fun, lively and useful sessions where people can openly debate on various topics.

Thank you, Balvinder, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in the CIS+ region again soon!


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