Studying at IE was a special experience for me because it was enjoyably challenging. It challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. I wouldn´t see myself as someone who has never done that before (like going to the States after my Abitur or studying my Bachelor in Event Management, which is not necessarily the norm in Germany) but IE put this to an entirely new level.

First of all, studying in such a diverse environment is a lot of fun but can also be demanding. Students don´t just have different cultural backgrounds but also come from different educational and professional areas. In the first intake at the Master in Market Research and Consumer Intake we were 33 students with over 20 nationalities and work experience ranging from 0-10 years. Also, some of the students had a background in business and others in sociology or psychology. Obviously with such diversity present, we learnt quickly that there is not just one true solution to a problem. We also had to adjust to each other´s working methods, meaning some were very structured and others rather creative. Therefore, I often was stretched to my own limits but always coupled with a unique learning experience.

I believe studying IE´s Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior has not only taught me the technical knowledge of those subjects, but moreover, how to keep crossing the border of my own comfort zone.


Uta class