Fair season is almost upon us.

We have new banners and new IMBA brochures to show off.

Our diaries are full, our computers drowning in the post-its we hope will ensure we don’t forget anything.

March will descend on the office and the room will be filled with the squeak of rollie bag wheels and the frantic typing of overworked fingers as we plan for the upcoming fair and email new candidates from the previous one.

We are all mentally rolling up our sleeves, reading through CVs and looking for top candidates. Not just candidates with a strong professional profile but the ones that stand out from the crowd with a focus on innovation and an obvious love of new cultures, new experiences.

Please don’t get me wrong. We love fair season. We love the energy that comes from meeting lots of new people and sharing the IE vision with them. We love it even more when we come across that special person that is as excited as we are about IE’s entrepreneurial focus and hits us with the hard questions, the ones that mean they are enthused.

Frantic fingers will slow, the thrum of typing will lessen and before we know it, May is here. Hopefully May will see us helping all of these potential students with their applications and completing interviews.

Hopefully you will be one of these top candidates who goes on to become a top student.

Please check out our events page for upcoming fairs; www.ie.edu/events


We really hope to see you there!


IE Germany, Austria Switzerland office