Have you ever thought of starting your own business or joining an existing one in … Spain? Sounds like a crazy idea considering the crisis. But it is not. There are many businesses that seized opportunities presented by the economic downturn and succeeded.

That’s the key message that IE Business school has brought during its special event on February 19 IE Business School organised  in collaboration with Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Russia has organised the event for Entrepreneurs in Moscow. Around 100 participants have joined the event to learn from the Aliumni of the school about doing business internationally as well as the new migation law of Spain.

Luis Cacho Kesada, Council of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce  welcomed al guests and Miguel Ángel Martín de Pablos shared on the changes in the migration law, in particular Entrepreneurs Law (Ley de Emprendedores), which makes it much easier for non-EU residents to bring innovative business ideas and new employment opportunities into the country, and allows obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

Further on – Alexander Kazakov, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Glownet, event technology company headquartered in Madrid, shared his experience starting and developing business in Spain.

Tania Marinich, founder of IMAGURU business hub in Minsk, Belarus, has moderated a panel discussion with Alumni of IE Business School on their entrepreneurship experience in Spain, Russia and other markets.

-Alexey Velikiy, CEO at NBC holding company;

-Maxim Kondratyukin, founder of Boombate.com service

Vadim Muravykh, founder of Richard Hampton, Men’s Fashion

  • Andrey Lukyanov, cofounder of Golden Swing, development and consulting company in gol

The panel discussion on the new Law and the opportunities is the first entrepreneurial event in chain of activity planned for this year. Thus April 23, welcomes IE Venture Days event in Minsk, with Look at Me as a media partner, gathering together startupers, investors and people with entrepreneurial mindset. Follow our events on web.

The recording of the event in Moscow can be found here http://venturedayminsk.com/moscow/


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