Having exported 1.1 Trillion Euros worth of goods in the past year, the German economy is on course for ever stronger export figures in the coming twelve months, according to an article published by Die Welt this morning. Marking a 3.7% increase in exports on the 2013 total, the nation now has the World’s largest trade surplus, which is even greater than second and third place China and Saudi Arabia combined.

This international growth is a clear indicator of the need for globally-minded graduates with key skills in areas such as international project management, global leadership and area studies. Certainly interesting news for students and graduates of the many internationally-focused master programs offered at IE, especially the Master in International Relations. Expertise in international development is likely to become ever more valuable to human resource managers in large conglomerates as well as small and medium ‘Mittelstand’ enterprises in Germany.

The European Union is now encouraging German firms to leverage some of the creative sales strategies used abroad to increase demand in the domestic market. Experience in diverse, multicultural teams such as those in IE classes will prove not only useful in generating these ideas for growth at home, but also in feeling comfortable in inevitably more heterogeneous workplace environments.

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