It’s that time of the year again.

People are doing juice cleanses and starting fitness regimes, wearing nicotine patches and hunting for new jobs, new beginnings.

Here at the IE Germany, Austria, Switzerland office, we are all over the Christmas indulgences and our plans for 2015 are in full swing. We now have four people on the team which means we will be going to more fairs, seeking out more candidates in more locations, organising more masterclasses with more professors and just generally expecting more out of 2015.

Our little office received the new International MBA brochures last week and it felt seminal, an omen of the possibilities which 2015 holds for us and our candidates. The new IMBA program in one word; flexible. It offers more opportunities for entrepreneurs, more opportunities for traditional career paths and more opportunities to grow the career that you envision.

I’m waxing lyrical. What can I say…we’re excited.

The four of us are eagerly awaiting questions and applications for the new IMBA so please give us a call, drop in for a coffee or attend one of our upcoming events.

The IE Germany, Austria, Switzerland office for 2015 in one word; more.

We wish you health, happiness and success for 2015! We may even be able to help you with the success part….


The IE Germany, Austria, Switzerland office

+49 89 9213 15870


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