Planning the roadshow back in April 2014 who would have thought that when we hit the road the topic of Silk Road would be so hot on news! The day Fernando Cortiñas, Marketing professor of IE, went on stage in Moscow BBC news reported that China plans to invest over 40 billion USD to revive the Silk Road – connecting East and West… No wonder the topic of Global Competition.From Marco Polo to the Great Game. Rediscovering the Spirit of the Silk Road has drawn so much discussions and attention when CIS Office travelled with Fernando in November, 4 cities and 3 countries. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus met Fernando by a number of events from visits to oil and gas companies to Universities and Global Entrepreneurship week. It was intriguing to see the role of each of the visited countries in the global scenario and the continued after the speech talks behind the scenes.

Fernando Cortiñas teaching continually at the Instituto de Empresa since 1992 was glad to share his extensive experience in the international arena with young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs from CIS market. We thank Fernando for his flexibility and energy and invite him to the next adventures with Europe-CIS team on our market in spring 2015.

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