This year´s Professional Women Network Lisbon’s annual event focused on the ethics and business of “Capitalism for Good”. 250+ women and (fewer) men reflected on the topics proposed by a panel of guest speakers, including Jorge Cachinero, Reputation Management specialist, professor at IE Business School. Professor Cachinero started by alerting to the fact that companies have lost power over their communication, teasing that ‘if they are lucky they participate’. He argued that reputation has become the key management lever of value creation, and gave two powerful examples: S&P valuation of intangible assets increased from 17% of total valuation in 1975 to 80% in 2010; and the Norwegian sovereign fund, which has on average  3% of public quoted companies in Europe, analyses its investments based on intangibles as much as tangibles. Professor Cachinero was highly praised for his communication by all present and we thank him for visiting us in Lisbon.