Everybody likes music which means it is a wonderfully rich vein of inspiration for entrepreneurs.

Now in its second year, our Rethink Music Berlin Venture Day has become Europe’s single largest event for music entrepreneurship – with almost 400 start-ups, entrepreneurs, brands and investors registering attendance at Factory in Berlin. The attendees came from all over the globe, proving once again that Berlin is a worldwide hub for startups.

Vanessa de Gruyter was in attendance with Paris de L’Etraz, the Professor of Entrepreneurship and Head of the Venture Lab at IE. They both had a fantastic time listening to all of the different panelists but the real highlight of the day came when the 12 finalists pitched their extremely polished, inventive and creative ideas.

The decision was tough and it took the 7 judges a lot of discussion and even more mulling but finally Rescued Ideas took out the $10,000 business start up package with their Basslet.


Basslet is a wristband that works alongside headphones and lets you feel the bass and beats of music in a completely unique way to give you the physical music sensation of a club. I know that a few of the bassheads in our office are hanging out to get their hands on this product.


We’re already excited about next year and can’t wait to see what the best and brightest of the music entrepreneurs think up next!


IE Germany Office


Venture Day Berlin 2014