Thanks to our great partners from MBA25, who organized a boutique event solely for IE, we managed to touch base with our candidates in Bratislava. Last week I was lucky enough to meet some top candidates during the one-to-one’s and go through their favorite masters and MBA programs. One of our Slovakian Alumni kindly joined the event and shared some of his IE experience; also, the candidates were happy to learn more about us and to network with like-minded people during the cocktail.

Here are some in and outdoor pictures of lovely Bratislava; looking forward to the next visit there!

In the meantime, we’re also joining MBA25 in the Baltic countries, so feel free to sign up for any of their events in Tallinn (November 8th), Riga (November 10th) or Vilnius (November 12th).

See you soon!

Bratislava1           Bratislava2

Andra Cioara

Coordinator for Europe&CIS