Business rich fall season on CIS market was continued with financial master class delivered by Professor Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira, expert in Finance focusing on Financial Markets, Risk Management and Financial Management.

Rafael Ferreira and Tetyana Kretova, Director for Russia, CIS, Ukraine and Georgia ; with superhuman energy for one month term have covered 5 countries and gave a great number of master classes. IE financial master classes brought together different audiences from University students in 5 capitals, high potential professionals, and Chief Financial Officers communities in Baku, Kyiv, Moscow and Almaty and Minsk.

Rafael Ferreira shared his knowledge on two topics: Basel 3 Challenges for Bankers in Emerging Markets; Business financing or what is equally important for Power Plants, Hotels and Aircrafts. During master classes many burning topics were touched, like  banking system peculiarities in Emerging markets, key conditions for country to reach the status of developed economy, finance and funding in different  sectors, how to grow big companies with other people´s money, how investing “0” of own funds to have a 4 billion Company.

Our Alumni, being IE the best assets, joined the events and communicated openly with people interested in their IE experience.

Some pictures of the event:

DRM_3064 DRM_3115 DRM_3252 DRM_3288 DRM_3344  Almaty mc