CIS office started this fall season with exclusive September master class in Moscow delivered by Inga Korchagina, luxury goods expert and the first visiting professor from Russia at IE Business School.


During the master class Inga lifted the veil of Luxury world. Probably there is no other place where people could find out more about unique features of luxury industry,mystic concept of luxury products and their extra-added benefits, luxury customer profile, key trends that define the future of the industry and many other exciting secrets.

After Inga’s presentation, Irina Golitsina, ex-director of Carrera у Carrera, joined the discussion and shared her precious experience in creating and managing luxury brands.

Rather exclusive topic attracted brilliant business professionals from different fields to get to know more about luxury industry and business in general, to find out more about IE Business School and share their own ideas. As always IE Alumni joined the event and shared their IE experience and pieces of advice for those who are interested in getting top business education.


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