On the 24th November, IE partners with the the AEPH on our conference in Amsterdam,“Entrepreneurship: an evolving mindset, from employee to entrepreneur”, with speaker IE Professor and Managing Director for the Venture Lab, Paris De L´Etraz.

At this conference, IE Professor de l’Etraz will discuss the recent research between IE and UC Berkeley that looks into how people can adopt the right mindset to innovate:

  • Why then are so few of us entrepreneurs?
  • How does the European mindset differ from the American?
  • How are the entrepreneurial dynamics of risk and reward perceived?
  • How do entrepreneurs find sources of financing in the current European economic climate?


After having surveyed over 1000 international professionals, Professor Paris de l’Etraz will reveal surprising insights that relate the nature of an entrepreneurial mindset with happiness. In this master class, we will also cover the paradigm shift necessary for a first time entrepreneur.


On the 25th November, we are then coming to Brussels told a Master Class, “Non-market strategy: When mastering markets is no longer enough” with IE Professor Daniel Blake, who will be looking at the regulation of markets and non-market strategy.


Consistent with IE’s commitment to participant centered learning, case study analysis and active student engagement in the classroom, the professor will lead participants through a discussion of market freedom, and the importance of non-market strategy as well as an analysis of several examples in which “non-market” factors have shaped the competitive landscape for some of the world’s leading companies.


Both events will be followed by an informal cocktail with our IE Alumni.


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Paris De L’Etraz                                                                                         Daniel Blake