On June 3, we – Germany, Austria and Switzerland Office felt so honored to represent IE again on the Career Day 2014 at Vienna held by our partner AIESEC Austria.

By presenting workshops, case studies, and direct talks with company executives, Career Day provided a communication platform for local current students and partnered companies to meet each other. The day was then spent learning to develop practical strategies for solving day-to-day business challenges, and discussing possibilities, values and goals on their corporate desires and ideas.

It was our pleasure to have had IE professor Daniel Soriano present to deliver a very interesting workshop on the topic of creativity. The workshop provided an introduction to the mindsets, skills and attitudes that represent the foundations of the entrepreneurial process. It is grounded in the belief that the capabilities of entrepreneurship will be critical to every manager´s future career, whether he or she chooses to create a new venture or become a corporate manager.

Upon its completion, participants recognized the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behaviors and skills. Additionally, the participants understood the central role of creativity and observation in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities either as standalone businesses or social enterprises, or as a part of a larger corporation.

Daniel is director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, Innovation Projects Mentor in Multinationals, Academic Director of the specialized Entrepreneurship Module and Professor of Entrepreneurship, IE Business School. As Director of several leader competitions for innovative technology start-ups, he has been in touch with the experience-based entrepreneurial opportunity identification, feasibility analysis and fundraising. He has also been responsible for managing professional advisory services to new technology-based companies where he was able to identify the needs of newly established firms with a high technological component.

Great moments we shared on this Career Day and we can’t wait for the upcoming one! Keep track on our footprint here: http://events.ie.edu, and hope to see you on our events next time!


IE Germany, Austria and Switzerland Office

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