IE was recently in both Brussels and Amsterdam, meeting over sixty potential future students and IE Alumni, and also experts in the Space industry at our exclusive IE workshop. IE Professor led a very exciting session on ´Leadership in Untested Markets: From Moon Landing to Sub-Orbital Commercial Space´ with an audience, who by the end shared his enthusiasm for this niche subject and the possibility of visiting sub-orbital space.

Professor Powar was born in 1969 when man went to the moon and is now a director of a company working in the new commercial space sector (BOOSTER) hoping to take passengers and experiments to the first boundary of space (“Sub-Orbital” – 100kms up) as a private company. He talked about the new commercial space industry using BOOSTER as a case study and the entrepreneurial challenge of setting up a business in an unproven and innovative industry. Here you can see him speaking about the future of space travel: The future of Space Flight- Balvinder Powar.

Currently he is a Board Member and Director at BOOSTER Space Industries, an innovative international Sub-Orbital Space/Aerospace project with important stakeholders in Spain, Europe and the US. Apart from this entrepreneurial venture, Professor Powar also teaches in the Business Masters at IE Business School, where he focuses on leadership & team management and motivation, as well as conflict resolution and mediation skills for leaders. He is a strong advocate of self empowerment and pro-activeness to achieve one’s goals, with his favourite quote being that of Mohatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.



Kim Goddard