This week saw the MiM September 2013 intake embark on their ‘Career Immersion’ week, a week dedicated to prepping students on the do’s and dont’s in the professional world. Additionally, the students have had the opportunity to listen to a host of company presentations this week as well as a few entrepreneurs, many of whom are IE Alumni.

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly globalised world, it is essential that young professionals are as prepared as possible in order to compete for the top jobs available out there. No longer is it enough to have lived in different countries, studied at the top universities in the world, or worked in the most prestigious internships and companies to get the top jobs. Now, it is key that young professionals are able to adapt and show their willingness to work when under pressure at interview and the assessment centre stage. Therefore, it has been IE’s intention to give the current MiM students as much exposure to these stages in the application process in a risk-free, practice environment, and it has proved to be an extremely beneficial process.

Most young graduates are not given the chance to practice these skills prior to the actual application stage, and so to have the chance to do so, with direct tuition from top recruiting firms, is something that the MiM students are extremely grateful for. It is IE’s intention to prepare their students as much as possible before entering the big bad world and this week is a key example of IE’s commitment to doing so!