Arabdha Sudhir, current MiM Sept 2013 intake student, is currently making waves at IE with her exciting commentary on the more ‘socially’ orientated and forward thinking activities on offer to the MiM and MiF students at IE. 

Here’s what she had to say about the i2i Consulting week, when the MiM students were tasked with collaborating in a consulting capacity with Metro de Madrid. Here’s what Arabdha had to say about it…



“The city glistened even in the dim morning lights. Seemed like tiny blocks peeping out into a state of wakefulness.

Most would agree that the view of the city from The Círculo de Bella Artes is one of the finest!

We on our part were wide awake. Someone said the Metro de Madrid folks were in and we took our places-ready to kick start the first real-time consulting challenge of the MIM program.

The introduction into consulting given by our consultant coach ,Mr. Martin Boehm , Mr.Kiron Ravindran and Metro de Madrid authorities left us inspired and we soon began to brainstorm over the challenge in our respective cohorts.

arabdha small

On my part, I was pleasantly surprised by the human centric approach we had to take here.

Doing the field work at the metros –interviewing people and trying to find out their views and issues, empathizing with the consumer and understanding the customer proved to be quite insightful. It helped design our own target.

We had come up with – “Jane Miller”:26,single,exchange student, of American origin, tourist, freelancer. She was bored, impatient, a freethinker and wanted culture as a part of the Metro.

That was quite some insight into consumer psyche in a day! 

One of the sample templates for the i2i Consulting Lab :

i2i consulting

What followed this was prototyping, testing and presenting.

Here, there were a plethora of solutions suggested-from in metro instant chat messengers for bored passengers to gamifying the system to creating tourist hubs-it was quite a diverse and intriguing lot.

The consultants must have had an entertaining day judging the ideas!

Four teams finally made it to the finals and the final idea was applauded by Metro de Madrid and considered for implementation.

The i2i Consulting Lab was a fresh new approach to problem solving and brainstorming and we had an awesome time going through the experience.

I remember the Metro de Madrid people saying how amazing it was for them to have such a huge number of consultants working for them! And I bet from the lot of ideas they got, they were highly pleased!”