master classLast week we held a Master Class in Milan titled “Design Thinking: Combining Design and Strategy in a Corporate and Entrepreneurial setting”.

Today there is indeed no dichotomy between thinking and design in multinational corporations as well as in start-ups. The market isn’t asking for choices. It is asking for options. Some companies want only strategy, some only design, many want both. There is a stronger demand among companies in Asia for design and a growing demand among organizations in the US and Europe for the design of brands and strategy. But again, most companies want both.

We heard about the latest trends on Design Thinking from Andrew McCarthy: creative consultant, manager, designer and a professor at IE. Both candidates and alumni participated to the event.



As in summary Design Thinking is about “people”, “emphatizing” and “going where no one has gone before”, we decided to try a new restaurant with the alumni who joined us 🙂

Stay tuned for next events in Italy!