In the upcoming fall, we are holding a series of events within our region.

Firstly, ‘Your Career Strategy at IE Business School’ will be held for IE International MBA students in Munich and Frankfurt on November 6th and 7th.

At this event, it is our pleasure to welcome Margarida Constantino, Associate Director of IE Careers Department, to speak about alternative practical and effective employment strategies. In addition, Margarida will also be sharing some of her own experiences of job-hunting along with some decision-making hints and tips. This event will also give attendees the perfect opportunity to network within our community and build relationships for their future careers.

Interested in attending this event? If so, please follow the link to join us:
In addition, our Master Class also can not be missed! This November, we are going to be running two Master Class sessions in Munich and Vienna for future German and Austrian students. Here, IE Associate Professor Balvinder Singh Powar is going to discuss his experience in the commercial space industry, and the entrepreneurial challenges of setting up a business in an unproven and innovative industry. He will also touch on aspects of his core specialist areas to create an active, fun, lively and useful session where attendees can openly debate various topics, e.g. conflict resolution, leadership, mediation skills for leaders, and how we can inspire each other to take responsibility and dream big. We believe that this Master Class will be both informative and extremely engaging, so be sure to register your interest!

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We look forward to seeing you at our November events!
IE Germany Austria & Switzerland Office