Join us in Bucharest for an exciting workwhop on Design Thinking for Social Innovation, by prof. Max Oliva:

Max Oliva

Date: November 4th

Time: 19:00

Venue: Epoque Hotel, 17C Intrarea Aurora Street, București 010213



How might we provide drinkable water to low income rural communities? How might we provide premature baby incubation solutions for the Base of the Pyramid? How might we create a process and culture which enables innovation to be at the core of our organization, be it from a social enterprise, a responsible business or a cross collaboration with unlikely allies? We need to re-imagine, re-invent and re-design the way that we do business, the way in which we create and deliver value. Design is too important to be left to designers alone.  During this workshop, you will learn the key concepts of Design Thinking with a focus on social innovation, experimenting with collective creativity, and practicing with key tools to apply in future social challenges. Design thinking you can learn at a workshop; it takes a lifetime to master it.

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