The IE BusiForbesness School MBA holds the no. 5 position worldwide in the non-US category of the latest ranking published by Forbes.

The ranking, which is published every two years, gauges the return on investment obtained by graduates of business schools around the world, five years after completing their MBA program.
There are two main categories in the ranking, namely MBAs in US Schools and MBAs in schools based in the rest of the world. In order to draw up the ranking Forbes’ analysts calculated the time needed to recover the investment made in the MBA program and the evolution of graduates’ salaries over the following five years.
The student body of the IE Business School MBA comprises 89% international students from 72 countries, making IE one of the most diverse schools in the world. The program’s interactive learning process offers students a global vision of the world of business. During the electives period students are able to personalize their experience with options that include doing an exchange program, or preparing a business plan or consulting project.