Meet and Greet photoHere in the IE German office we are always looking for ways to reach out to new people and spread the IE message.

We wanted to talk about all of the fantastic options IE has to offer with some new faces so we thought we’d invite anyone interested about IE to breakfast.

It wouldn’t be breakfast in Munich without pretzels so we all munched away and sipped on coffee whilst we chatted about IE’s programs and entrepreneurial opportunities. As with so many of our prospective and current students, entrepreneurship was a hot topic of conversation. People are always interested to hear that entrepreneurship is a core subject in many of our programs and that whilst innovation is critical so are all of the practical skills that will see your idea become reality.

Here in the German office we are always impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm people bring when they are talking about their own dreams and ideas – it is completely infectious.

If you would like to hear more about IE’s entrepreneurial programs please come and join us for our next Breakfast Meet and Greet; however if you are only interested in the free pretzels you are also more than welcome.

For further information on upcoming breakfasts and other events please follow this link,


IE Germany, Austria and Switzerland office