photo 26.06Like all cities in Europe, this summer in Madrid has been rather lackluster with unreliable and intermittent sunshine.

Happily last Monday that was not the case as 25 of our current German, Swiss and Austrian students sat on a lovely, warm terrace in Salamanca neighborhood and worked on their tans over a few drinks. I think the lady of Madrid heard their enthusiastic talk about the beautiful city and decided to literally beam down on our heads in pleasure. You will have to excuse the overly poetic imagery but visiting Madrid always lifts this office’s mood and brings about smiles – both in person and on the page.

It was great hearing from our current Master in Management, Master in Corporate Communication and International MBA students about their IE experience. What made it even better was that all we heard about was the innovative approach of their professors, the stimulating class discussions and of course the excitement to be found in the city of Madrid.

It got us to thinking about how valuable these personal reflections are and that our current candidates would enjoy the opportunity to hear them too.

If you would like to be put in contact with one of our alumni please send an email to so that we can connect you with one of our always friendly former students!


The IE Germany, Austria and Switzerland office