Master Class ZurichIt appears that our German prospective students and alumni are not the only ones fascinated by Professor Ignacio de la Torre.

We held Master Classes in Zurich and Geneva this week and judging by the turnout our Swiss friends are just as interested to learn about the history of finance as their German counterparts.

Professor de la Torre spoke about the implications of our financial history to the engaged faces of the prospective students, alumni and friends who were packed in at both locations. The topics were diverse and found inspiration from all over the world. It was easy to see that I was not the only one intrigued by what is possible when you look to the past for answers to the future.

After the talk everyone had a great time getting to know each other and finding new contacts for their networks. IE programs were a hot topic of conversation and I found myself holding court about all things IE to many interested parties. My voice was hoarse and my feet loudly complaining by the end of the evening but I had so much fun and met so many lovely new people that I simply told my feet to be quiet.

We here at the IE Germany, Austria and Switzerland office would like to thank all of the people who attended the Master class and hope that we see all the people who didn’t attend at our next Swiss event!


The IE Germany, Austria, Switzerland office