IMG_1399We were once again proud participants of the AIESEC Youth 2 Business Forum although this time beautiful Vienna played host to the conference. As per usual, the enthusiasm was turned up to the max with ear splitting cheering and even a cheeky Mexican wave or two from the participants.

Lee Newman, who is the Dean at the IE School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, was the keynote speaker and had many a riveted face trained in his direction as he discussed the psychology of decision making.

Robust and compelling evidence from behavioral science has revealed a reality that is difficult for many people to accept: When it comes to making judgments and decisions, we are all innately biased, and even worse – most of us have little or no awareness of this fact. Our reflexive, default behaviors often get us into trouble, leading us to incomplete thinking, story-based arguments, misjudgments of people and trends, and to intuitive decisions that can be profoundly flawed. Yet, making sound judgments and decisions is one of the most important activities that we undertake in the workplace as well as in our personal lives.  By understanding the limitations of our “mindware” and learning to recognize common decision biases, we can avoid errors and missed opportunities. Fascinating huh? As you can imagine this raised many questions and had people consciously assessing how they make the decisions that propel them through life.

AIESECers always bring motivation and excitement which is why we love going to their events. We’re already excited about next year and can’t wait to see all of our AIESEC friends again soon!