Dear readers,

As you saw from our previous post, last week we had the opportunity of having the International Development team for Europe and CIS visiting us in Madrid. Our gathering included all of our representatives from the IE offices in UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Russia & Ukraine and Turkey. It was a very intense but exciting couple of days, where we had time for training with two of our top professors, sharing ideas, brainstorming and, also, a little bit of fun and team building.

Having the Europe and CIS team together in Madrid was a great opportunity to share our different experiences throughout the markets, evaluate the different events that have taken place in the past months as well as review those being organized in spring. It is always very enlightening to learn from the experiences each of our markets face and learn how interests, questions and concerns vary across the different countries in our region. These types of meetings are very helpful for understanding the diversity of our candidates.

It was great being all together in our Madrid campus and enjoyed very much such an enriching activity. Looking forward to having all of them again very soon!