As January came to an end, we enjoyed 2 full days of presentations, trainings, networking and over all, lots of fun! We welcomed our 6 representatives and 3 of their assistants from the 21st until the 23rd of January, in Madrid.

Of course, we had a tight schedule, including: presentations discussing events, objectives overview, candidates’ most interesting questions and 2 training sessions – Design Thinking, with Juan Lago and Decision Making, with Lee Newman.

Nevertheless, after all the hard work, we spiced up our team building activities with…cooking! We had great fun cutting onions and peppers, mixing ingredients and discovering how lemon grass really looks like (some of us, at least). Eventually, we enjoyed dinner cooked with our own hands and exchanged truths and lies about each other, which, to be honest, was “la piece de résistance” of the evening.

Thank you all for brining your own special self to the team and for building such great memories together!