Would you like the best of both worlds? Then you may be interested in our part time and blended programs.

It is hard to remember what our lives were like before the internet, smart phones, laptops or any of the other myriad devices we use on a daily basis. Technology has changed the way we communicate, work, shop and relax so it is not really any wonder that technology is also reshaping the way we learn and giving us options that we never had before.

Blended and part time programs are one of the fastest growing sectors in business education. They offer a first class Master’s degree with the flexibility needed to keep a full time job and in this somewhat challenging job market the appeal of these programs is unmistakable.

I know, I know, networking. I can hear you all asking me about missed networking opportunities and I am here to tell you that with our blended programs you won’t miss out on anything. The Global MBA+ begins with a week on campus where students meet professors and each other before returning home to complete their degree and then they keep in close contact via our innovative and interactive learning platform.

If you would like to learn more about having the best of both worlds and are based in or near Zurich then please come along to meet with our blended admissions team and find out how students are able to follow the program regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules or work commitments.

Discover Distance Learning at IE will be held in Zurich on the 23rd January.

Please follow this link to register, http://info.ie.edu/request/inicio.aspx?events={6135e6e8-235b-e211-90d5-005056b42592}&idioma=eng

We hope to see you there!



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