If you are interested in strategy, and happen to be in Milan on January 18th, you definitely cannot miss this!

The aspiration to infinite growth is present in almost all human enterprises, whether individual or group-based. It is also present in business and companies, to the point of becoming almost an obsession, and causing irreparable damage at the company and at the planetary level. This strategic perspective analyzes how such growth obsession impacts negatively on the different aspects of business and company life, and how it is bound to collide sooner or later against unavoidable physical limits. After showing the fallacy of infinite growth through some concrete examples, some strategic guidelines are outlined in order to overcome the growth mindset and still compete effectively, in a more sustainable fashion.

DATE Jan 18th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
VENUE Blend Tower Lounge, 11th floor, Piazza 4 Novembre, 7 – 20124 Milano

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Besides teaching Strategy and Strategic Management in Executive MBA courses, Mr. Gatti has a long professional career in telecommunications, having worked for several companies in four different continents, and in several functions ranging from technology to marketing, HR, procurement, M&As, BoDs and strategic consultancy. He is at present a Principal Consultant in the multinational Nokia Siemens Networks. Mr. Gatti holds a Master in Electronic Engineering (Summa cum Laude) and an International Executive MBA (top student) from IE Business School.