On the 22nd November, IE held the latest in its speaker series Opportunity Amidst Uncertainty: Critical Challenges in the Eurozone in Paris. High-level experts from IE explored the possible outcomes of the crisis and opportunities within the Eurozone, with the aim of provoking thought and awareness of innovation in the corporate world. Professor Gonzalo Garland spoke on the world economic outlook and talked about Europe’s role in a changing world. This was followed by Professor James MacMillan-Scott, who focused on the innovation challenge in the finance world.


The importance of the topic in the current economic climate was evident from the questions raised in the Q&A session held afterwards. IE believes that as a top Business School, we not only have the power to influence the times in which we live, we also feel it is our responsibility to lead such a currently important debate and to evoke positive change in this economic climate. We believe that this was achieved right there in Paris.


The event was a huge success, with an attendance of over 90 people, which is a record for IE in Paris, in a country which is also known for its Business Schools. I would like to give a special mention to the Presidents of the Alumni Club, Joseph Freiha and Bastien Seignolles for their support in the organization of this event, as well as to the keen Alumnus who came from all over France to attend the event.

 Thank you and have a peaceful New Year

 Kim Goddard