What happened in 2012 in Italy?

In Spring we had:
A master class from prof. Riccardo Perez on the Apple-Google battle
We participated to the PWA “Ready-for-board women” project, aimed at eliminating the most frequent excuse used to justify the scarcity of women in boards and the glacial speed of change: “there are not enough qualified women, with the experience and skills required to sit on a board”.
On the alumni side a dozen of IE ex students shared a “practical cooking” experience with CEOs and HR Directors at “Academia Barilla”.
It was great to get to know better one another in an informal setting, in a literally “hands on” experience, which also gave the chance to network with renowned professionals outside of IE Alumni club.

In Autumn:
We replicated the practical cooking experience, with other companies to further increment our network.
We had a Master class with prof. Fernando Fernandez on the Euro crisis.
We hold a joint event with CFA on Islamic Finance

Stay tuned for more events in 2013!