Ever wondered how we could learn from Philip IV and the Templar’s in regards to the current state of the financial industry?

Or which of the investment banks was the first to predict the crisis?

Or perhaps the country with the highest per capita wine consumption?

You’ve never wondered?

Me neither.  However I was riveted last week during Professor Ignacio de la Torre’s talk on the History of Finance and its implications for the future. Professor de la Torre spoke to the engaged faces of the one hundred and ten prospective students, alumni and friends who were packed into the Restaurant Gandl. The topics were diverse and found inspiration from all over the world. It was easy to see that I was not the only one intrigued by what is possible when you look to the past for answers to the future.

After the talk everyone had a great time getting to know each other and finding new contacts for their network. The room had Christmas trees, candles, mistletoe and the weather even co-operated with our theme by providing the snow. We got in to the Christmas spirit by drinking gluhwein by the twinkling candlelight. Our masters programs were of course a much visited topic with brochures flying out the door; the Master in Finance was particularly popular after Professor de la Torre’s fascinating talk.

We here at the IE Germany office would like to thank all of the people who attended the Master Class and hope that we see all the people who didn’t attend next year.

We regularly hold Master classes so if you would be interested in participating please don’t hesitate to contact us for details at Germany@ie.edu

Merry Christmas!

The IE Germany office