IE, one of the leading higher education institutions in the world – ranked TOP 10 by leading international press – would like to invite you to our upcoming Master Class in Oporto.

You will have the opportunity to experience what a real class at IE is like and discuss ideas on a current topic. You will see the difference between traditional teaching methodologies and the methods used by the best schools in the world, based on real cases, team work and interactive study. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet regional representatives and alumni and ask them any questions they may have.

About the Event

Robust and compelling evidence from behavioral science has revealed a reality that is difficult for many people to accept: When it comes to making judgments and decisions, we are all innately biased, and even worse – most of us have little or no awareness of this fact. Our reflexive, default behaviors often get us into trouble, leading us to incomplete thinking, story-based arguments, misjudgments of people and trends, and to intuitive decisions that can be profoundly flawed. Yet, making sound judgments and decisions is one of the most important activities that we undertake in the workplace as well as in our personal lives.  By understanding the limitations of our “mindware” and learning to recognize common decision biases, we can avoid errors and missed opportunities.

About the Speaker

Lee Newman is a Professor of Behavioral Science at IE University and IE Business School in Madrid. He is currently serving as Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Science. Dr. Newman’s expertise is in the area of managerial judgment and decision making. His research and teaching focus on (i) helping professionals understand and regulate behavioral biases that threaten effective decision making, and (ii) how positive psychology can be applied to training more effective leaders. Dr. Newman formerly served as an engagement manager with McKinsey & Company and held senior management positions in two technology ventures. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Masters in Technology and Policy and in Management from MIT, and a Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in Engineering from Brown University.

Date: Nov 22nd, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

VENUE: Porto Palacio, Av. da Boavista, 1269 Porto

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