What a dazzling and exciting experience! Fresh and ready, I said goodbye to Barajas airport to head to my hometown, Bucharest, where I was going to attend my first fair, QS World MBA Tour. It was early October and I was keen on arriving, so I could get started.

Luckily enough, everything went well, I arrived on time (material, luggage and mindset) and Hilton was waiting for me. Proud as I was to represent IE for the first time, I entered the elegant ball room and saw that our table was right in the middle of all the schools, so I said to myself “can this get any better?”. And it sure did, candidates started flowing into the room and were queuing to ask questions about our programs, the school, life in Spain and many more.

Shots of noradrenalin pumped with every new candidate, with each different question and I was enjoying it to the full, wishing I had an extra mouth, so I could answer all their inquiries. Good thing the hotel gave us water, turned out really useful during the 3 hours continuous speech.

Finally candidates got fewer, then only we, school representatives were left and I had a glorious feeling of fulfillment, mixed with sort of an anesthetized tiredness. I realized then what a tremendous labor must be for my colleagues who travel during weeks or months, covering routes from Paris to Yerevan, going through Istanbul, after having visited Baku, Tbilisi and Sofia.

All in all, it was a great first time and I so look forward to my next fair!