IE, one of the leading higher education institutions in the world – ranked TOP 10 by leading international press – would like to invite you to our upcoming Master Class in Lisbon.

You will have the opportunity to experience what a real class at IE is like and discuss ideas on a current topic. You will see the difference between traditional teaching methodologies and the methods used by the best schools in the world, based on real cases, team work and interactive study. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet regional representatives and alumni and ask them any questions they may have.

Apple vs. Adobe – what happened to my friend?

In this session we will look at some of the fundamental underpinnings of success in business – and how that may lead to large shifts in the logic of competitive relations. Apple and Adobe used to be best of friends – yet, today they seem to be bitter enemies. The reason for this change of hearts can be traced to the concept of network externalities, which may exist on the demand side of a business and lead to an effect where each customer sees a certain product or technology as more valuable when other customers use the same. This effect, if strong enough, can lead to the monopolization of entire industries and turn friend into foe…

Professor Carl Joachim Kock, professor of strategy at IE Business School, is fascinated by cause and effect, whether it is how to encourage managers to act on climate change in their industry or the extent to which the financial markets drive companies to implement strategic change. It is his ability to question accepted economic and business norms that has led numerous leading journals and books to publish his work. And when it comes to teaching, Prof. Kock encourages students, too, to look at what they’re being taught with fresh eyes. “It’s crucial to understand a few things about the game that’s being played,” he says. “And to do that you need to look at causal processes, the evolution of the what and the why.” Professor Kock holds a PhD in Management from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, where he was also research assistant and recitation teacher and his corporate experience includes working for Unilever’s ice cream branch, Langnese, in Germany.


Date: 25 October 2012

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Place: Lisbon

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