This year, again, more than 1.8 million young Turkish people took the University Placement Examination; and last week, the results were announced. Less than a quarter of those students could succeed to get into universities whereas the rest could not find a place this year.

With an 8.5% GDP growth (in 2011), favourable macroeconomic environment, and increase in FDI; Turkey is becoming an attractive investment and work place. Istanbul, being the centre of economy, is also attracting Turkish workforce and Expats with its vibrant and cosmopolitan city life. Having the best public universities and more than half of private universities, the city has also a huge workforce supply. Even under the positive economic outlook, many university graduates are worried about finding a job and face a high competition for the best places.

Most of the Turkish university students realize that a university degree is not good enough in this competition. Many have several internships while studying; actively participating in Student Clubs which have links with corporate world; learn new languages and/or attend skill or personal development trainings and workshops outside the university campus.

Graduate study also has been a competitive advantage for getting the best jobs. Many university graduates go abroad for Masters or MBA programs; which equips them with good level of language skills, an international experience, a global mind-set, and a reference of an international school in their CVs. A graduate study not only helps them to find a good job in the short-run; but also increases their possibility to be recognized as a HiPo in their Company and to get better trainings and promotions which leads them to executive levels.

In today’s competitive and global work environment, we need to continuously equip and train ourselves in order to adapt to the changes; and even lead them.

Last but not least, in Istanbul, IE will be joining several fairs: The MBA Tour on October 6th; QS Fair on October 13th and 21st; Akare, a local fair, on October 13th & 14th; and Access Fair on November 14th. If you would like to have more information regarding graduate degrees at IE Business School, please come and meet us.

Enjoy the last days of hot summer!


By Sevtap Bas

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