The annual IE Italy Club National meeting was held in Milan recently. It introduced a new organization structure and provided a renewed impulse to the alumni association.
The meeting discussed the following topics:
* Presentation of the new organization of the Club (we just had elections)
* Objectives of the Club and next events

The Club main aims are:
* Networking Enhancement within Alumni and other Italian Business School Club by copas [drinks] (MBA main lesson;) ) and dedicated or thematic events
* IE brand awareness development in Italy by special networking activities towards significant Italian companies as an on-going project called “IE Italy Club meets the top management”
* Alumni knowledge enhancement for those members who want share their experiences or widen their personal skills thanks to the aforementioned project “IE Italy Club meets the top management”

As of the IE Election the IE Club Members are:
* IE Italy Club President: Nicola Gatti
* Milan Chapter: Riccardo Grimaldi (Vice-President), Federico Giraldi, Paolo Dini, Dario Minutella
* Rome Chapter: Nazareno Mario Ciccarello (Vice-President), Raffaele Ciotta, Fabrizio Zennaro, Ivan Perez Arquero

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