One of the world’s best known entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, did an interview with der Spiegel magazine several weeks ago. He had some interesting points on how to move forward regarding climate change. It got me thinking. Richard Branson is a household name; he epitomizes entrepreneurship and is an innovative leader. He believes that climate change is an opportunity for all creative business minds out there and I think he could be right. Branson argues that making money by making the world a healthier place is the responsibility of all forward thinking individuals and companies. He is so sure of this, that he is offering 25 million dollars to the clever person who can suggest a way towards an economically viable solution to lower carbon emissions. Note the word suggest, he doesn’t need definites, simply possibilities.

This is surely just one of the many indicators that conscious citizens and aspiring entrepreneurs have an opportunity to be one and the same with carbon emission conscious technologies and strategies. Germany is one of the world’s greenest countries; renewable energy supplied almost twenty one percent of the country’s electricity in the first half of 2011. Germany plans to be rid of nuclear power by 2022 which means that that percentage will only increase. The possibilities are endless.

IE’s commitment to entrepreneurship and its Economic Environment elective in the International MBA or the masters programs in Environmental Management and Global Environmental Change are all great starting points if you want to be the collector of Mr. Branson’s 25 million dollars.

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