They’ve done it again, for the third time in a row, they manage to lift the cup of victory, twice European and once World Champions! Spain wins the Eurocup 2012 with a historic result, 4-0 against Italy…it was the team-spirit, the incredibly asserted passes, the enthusiasm and concentration that kept them going and fulfilled a dream all Spaniards shared, that is “there is no 2 without 3”!

They say that Spaniards invented modern sports marketing and the best example is Real Madrid, which was the first football club to actuallly have fans all over the world. Nowadays, several Spanish football clubs enjoy international popularity, not to mention that besides football, Spain is also top reference in tennis, basketball, cycling, sailing and many other outdoor sports.

So, to the delight of many, Spain is, besides a culturally rich and authentic country, a place where top performance happens!


Victory Ceremony

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