In May IE Law School visited Brussels with a Master Class on the EU Trade Policy in Times of Crisis by Salome Cisnal de Ugarte and Zurich with a session titled Walking a thin line: The arbitrator as a settlement facilitator by Professor Werner Jahnel. The participants of the master class  in Brussels had a chance to hear about the challenges that the EU is facing today in the area of trade policy. The topic initiated quite a bit of debate among the participants. Professor Salome Cisnal de Ugarte, Counsel for Mayer-Brown, reviewed with us the causes of the global economic crisis, the impact of the crisis on global trade and trade credit and the State’s response. We saw how, in many cases, States reacted to the crisis with protectionist measures and Prof. Cisnal de Ugarte showed us how, in those cases, trade liberalization would have been, from her point of view, a more effective tool to allow for competitive markets, innovation and growth. In the end, recovery of the world crisis is mainly going to be driven by consumption and that can only be facilitated in an open and liberalized environment.

The Zurich event allowed the participants to learn more about international arbitration, combining arbitration and mediation. In particular looking into what an arbitrator can do, must do or must not do. This interactive event let the audience experience a class at IE through very participative and dynamic way of teaching!

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