Daniel Bobu

Daniel Bobu

A Romanian, the Best IMBA Student 2011

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Daniel Bobu is the only Romanian graduate of IE Business School for 2010 – 2011. Even more, from a total of 450 students, Daniel obtained the “Best Student”, distinction, which recognizes his merits as the best student of the year, for his behavior and outstanding results.

Work cannot be replaced by anything

Having a 6 years experience in marketing, Daniel worked for companies such as Vodafone, Procter&Gamble or Johnson&Johnson. He also has experience in project management – he collaborated with governmental clients, leading teams of 50 people. Furthermore, he also worked in brands administration, for the Balkans region, within Procter&Gamble.

One – two Romanians a year at IE Business School

In addition to criteria regarding their whole activity and overall behavior, the main criterion in selecting the Best Student remains the academic performance, therefore the grades.

“Personally, I managed to obtain very good exam results, mainly thanks to my family’s support. I know it sounds like an Oscar winning speech”, but you will understand right away what I mean. The IMBA at IE Business School is a very rigurous program and demands a significative envolvement from each student. This means that spare time becomes a rare asset and the attention you pay to the loved ones dicreases significantly”, Daniel Bobu explains.

One of the strengths of this MBA program is DIVERSITY: both at a professional and a geographical level. For the past years, IMBA students were from approximatively 70 – 80 countries, and Romania usually holds 1 – 2 representatives.

Knowledge, easiest to quantify

Furthermore, IE Business School is among the best 10 MBA programs in the world, as rankings from business magazines such as Financial Times and Business Week demonstrate it.

”I chose IE Business School using a series of criteria. First of all, I knew I wanted to work in Europe, therefore I looked for European MBA programs.This thing holds 2 main advantages: case studies and subjects in general are structured taking into consideration local characteristics and the fact that European MBAs are 1 year – 1 year and a half long, while in the USA they take 2 years. This aspect has an impact on the program related costs and on the time that the student is ”off the professional market”, Daniel also mentions.

As he believes, the aspects which are the easiest to quantify after graduating such an MBA are professional abilities, marketing, finance, HR knowledge, and soft skills such as presentation, communication or team work.

MBA, from academic to practical

 ”The alumni newtork is also an advantage. From a person to another, opinions on the advantages offered by networking are diverse. From my point of view, I am aware that the professional advantage exists, but is not a major one. Nevertheless, from a personal point of view, it is a great achievement. The fact that we went through a difficult period together, away from our families, working (and partying) side by side, helped building strong friendship relations between the colleagues.

Prevoius professional experience was also a determinant factor. The fact that Daniel worked during a significant number of years before the MBA program was an important element.

 ”Subjects dealt with during the MBA cover a wide range of aspects, from marketing to strategy and finance. My previous experience not only helped me obtain good results, but also to understand easier the studied subjects. Personally, I consider that prevoius professional experience is a good filter that transforms the MBA from an academic to a practical exercise. Also, work cannot be substituted by anything, and performance cannot be obtained without effort”, the IE Business School graduate concludes.



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