On the 3rd May, representatives from EDF France came to the IE Campus to give a talk to our students about both EDF and ¨The Challenges of Electric Mobility”. Jean-Luc Martin, Marketing Director at the Electric Mobility Department of EDF provided a broad insight into the way that this market is evolving and its exciting future. Mr. Martin was accompanied by Ruddy Racon, Marketing and Campus Development Manager at EDF, and also President of the EDF Alumni Association.

It is commonly considered that “Electric mobility has turned into a topic that is starting to electrify and mobilise the public”. Jean-Luc Martin detailed the initiative being undertaken within France to expand the use of such Renault electric cars as Kangoo, Fluence, Twizy and Zoé, and the positive impact that it is having on such cities as Nice and Strasbourg.

Jean-Luc Martin is graduated from the French Business School ESSEC. He has worked in sales and marketing functions in computer and software industry at Cap Gemini then in a start-up, Alsys, the Ada language specialist. He worked at Alcaltel Câbles on electronics components as product manager before joining EDF in 1993.

Ruddy Racon is currently the Marketing and Campus Development Manager at EDF, and President of the EDF Alumni Association. He studied Maths applied to Social Sciences at Paris Dauphine University and New Technologies Management at Metz University. He also holds an International MBA from IE Business School in 2010.

Mr. Martin also spoke about the ´Electric Odyssey´ (www.electric-odyssey.com) project being experienced by two young French engineers. They are currently making history by being the first to travel around the globe in an electric car, like the first flight crossing the channel back in 1909. It seems that these little clean vehicles are already changing the Motor Industry in France and hopefully this will continue in accordance with the Carbon-free vehicles plan of 2009.

Kim Goddard