On one of the brightest and hottest days of the year so far, IE Professor Martin Boehm presented his Master Class Building Successful Brands to enthusiastic audiences in Zurich, and also in Geneva last week. The two events were attended by over 160 people at the picturesque Restaurant Hotel du Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva, and also in the heart of the city of Zurich at the very trendy Widder hotel.

The audience, consisting of both Swiss and Expats living in Switzerland, many of whom were already working in the branding and marketing sector, took part in a highly interactive event and had the chance to get a taste of what a real Master Class might be like at IE.

Led by IE Associate Dean of the Masters in Management and also Professor of Marketing since 2006, Professor Boehm has spent the last decade researching and consulting in the area of customer management which has had a profound effect on his thinking as a marketing professor at IE Business School. He believes that his work on customer relationship management has broad implications for the corporate world.

Not only informative and thought-provoking, the sessions were also filled with light laughter, as Professor Boehm cited cases from Diamond Shreddies versus the square Originals, Red Bull and its alternative Slow Cow, to the infamous Pepsi versus Coca-Cola case. He explained that the best way to hold customers and attract new ones is to ensure you have a unique value proposition that is both rationally and emotionally different. He also addressed how to build a meaningful, differentiated brand as well as how to fully deliver a brand experience capable of driving revenue and profit growth.

The events finished with a networking cocktail, where the audience could interact with Professor Boehm and IE Alumni, who were also to keen to listen to Professor Boehm once more. We will be back shortly in both Geneva and Zurich!

 Kim Goddard