Ignacio de la Torre

IE Professor Ignacio de la Torre will be holding a Master Class titled “Financial History: what can we learn from our mistakes?” on Saturday, June 9th.

The Master Class: Did you know that the “originate and distribute” model was widely used in the US in the 80s with catastrophic consequences? Why are financial mistakes repeated over history? Only through a careful analysis of what financial stupidities are committed over time regularly can we spot the true natures behind financial follies… after this analysis we can extract common lessons to prevent future financial crisis and to forecast the future of finance.

The Professor: With fourteen years experience in diverse fields of investment banking (corporate finance, equity research, specialist sales of media stocks, generalist sales of European equities and derivative sales at UBS and Deutsche Bank), de la Torre has been a Professor for IE for the last six years, teaching creative accounting, macroeconomics, finance & valuation courses. Professor De la Torre has also founded a business, the Internet retailer www.tododvd.com where he acts as a board member.